• How we in Leeds access on-going healthcare data about our research participants

      The following information is provided for participants who consented to long-term follow up using information provided by Cancer Registries and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) as part of these studies:   The Melanoma Follow-Up and Case-Control Family Study. Ethics Committee number: MREC 01/3/057 A Genetic Epidemiological StudyRead More
  • Launch of Patient Decision Aid

    Melanoma Focus (http://www.melanomafocus.com) has launched its Patient Decision Aid (PDA), whose aim is to inform people about melanoma and guide patients through the decisions they will need to take during their treatment. By helping people to understand their options, this new online tool should improve the effectiveness of conversations betweenRead More
  • Could you give 15 minutes of your time and a blood sample to help our research?

    Are you based in Leeds? We are a melanoma research group led by Professor JA Newton-Bishop and we aim to develop a blood test that measures immune function. We are doing this by comparing the genetic information in the immune cells of individuals who have illnesses that affect the immune system such as cancerRead More
  • Option Grids: information for melanoma patients

    NICE has worked with Option Grid and UK dermatologists Jason Thomson and Jane McGregor, to produce information for melanoma patients and their medical teams. The information is provided in the form of Option Grids which allow consideration of the potential advantages and disadvantages of given medical procedures or treatments.Read More
  • BAP1: a newly recognised melanoma gene

    GenoMEL has some new information in the Information for Patients section, on a rare inherited genetic mutation which increases the risk of melanoma in some families. The appearance of the moles and the melanomas in these families can be unusual and affected families are also at increased risk ofRead More
  • NICE Clinical Melanoma Guideline

    NICE published the Clinical Melanoma Guideline in July 2015. This Guideline is directed at secondary and tertiary care (hospital treatment) in the UK and considers the role of treatments such as sentinel node biopsy. This is a link to the guideline http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng14 The Guideline addressed the role of sentinel nodeRead More
  • Vitamin D and melanoma: new podcast

    NICE asked Professor Julia Newton-Bishop to discuss why vitamin D was considered by the Clinical Melanoma Guideline and this is the link to her podcast  Read More
  • Plain language summaries of GenoMEL published papers

    We have updated the plain language summaries of GenoMEL research in the Information for Patients section. More to follow!Read More
  • New GenoMEL paper

    The Journal of the National Cancer Institute has published a new GenoMEL paper examining the role of chromosomal telomere length in melanoma. The research involved creating a score representing genetically determined telomere length, based on all the established telomere associated genes and found that this score correlated with melanomaRead More


Julia Newton-Bishop, University of Leeds