Fund raising success

Geoff Walker recently completed Ironman France and asked for sponsorship in memory of a dear friend, Bernie Jackson, who died from melanoma earlier this year. The challenge involved over 140 miles of swimming, biking and running and Geoff has raised over £2,000 to support GenoMEL’s research. Donations are stillRead More

New GenoMEL paper in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

A GenoMEL study of somatic BRAF and NRAS mutations in familial melanomas with known germline CDKN2A status has been published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. This study set out to investigate whether inheriting a CDKN2Amutation influences the mutations found within the actual tumour. Led by researchers in Sweden, it involved colleaguesRead More

GenoMEL annual meetings

The 2013 meeting in Philadelphia was a great success. As well as pleasing progress with existing projects, several new initiatives and grant awards were announced.  The meeting also featured GenoMEL’s first remote presentation, with Dr Nadine Kasparian presenting from Sydney, Australia 9,000 miles away. We are very grateful to theRead More

New Nature Genetics paper

World spanning research* A new GenoMEL paper is available from the Nature Genetics website entitled, ‘A variant in FTO shows association with melanoma risk not due to BMI’. Some variations in the FTO gene have been linked to obesity, but this is the first study to link FTO variations with melanoma. ThisRead More

New CDK4 paper

A new Journal of Medical Genetics paper from GenoMEL is available online. It reports an international study of all known families with rare germline mutations in the CDK4 gene, led by Professor Anders Molven from the University of Bergen in Norway. This open access paper is an impressive achievement, involving numerous collaborators. It is availableRead More

Website update

The GenoMEL website’s privacy policy has been updated to better explain our use of Google Analytics to monitor visitor numbers. Google Analytics works by placing a ‘cookie’ on the user’s computer so that it can tell the difference between a first time visitor and a returning visitor. The policyRead More