Annual GenoMEL meeting

The annual meeting is taking place in Leiden, the Netherlands 18-20 June. If you have any attendance queries please email info@genomel.orgRead More

Advances in the genetics of melanoma lecture

The leader of GenoMEL’s INSERM group, Dr. Florence Demenais, recently gave a lecture entitled, New advances in the genetics of melanoma: how can it contribute to personalized medicine? The lecture can be viewed online at the website. info@genomel.orgRead More

Skin Cancer Exposed

XploreHealth, a scientific ‘portal’ financed by the European Union, has produced a module concerning melanoma. The ‘Skin Cancer Exposed’ module features interviews with GenoMEL members and seeks to engage citizens, patients, schoolchildren and teachers. info@genomel.orgRead More

2012 annual meeting

The 2012 meeting will take place in Leiden, the Netherlands 18-20 June. The meeting is open to GenoMEL members and invited guests. The registration page is now available. The hunt for high and low risk melanoma genes Dr. Peter Kanetsky, from GenoMEL’s group in Pennsylvania, gave a talk lateRead More

New GenoMEL paper

A paper entitled ‘Pathway-based analysis of a melanoma genome-wide association study: analysis of genes related to tumour-immunosuppression’ has been published in PLoS ONEand is available online. Congratulations to all involved. Dissemination case study GenoMEL has written a short case study on how to disseminate project results via the web.Read More