NICE Clinical Melanoma Guideline

NICE published the Clinical Melanoma Guideline in July 2015. This Guideline is directed at secondary and tertiary care (hospital treatment) in the UK and considers the role of treatments such as sentinel node biopsy.

This is a link to the guidelineĀ

The Guideline addressed the role of sentinel node biopsy and regular body scans after diagnosis, among otherĀ  issues. The decision was made to develop information for melanoma patients about the advantages and disadvantages of sentinel node biopsy and regular imaging. This information was developed in conjunction with Option Grid and was published in December 2015. The grids can be obtained direct from the Option Grid web page but are also provided in the Option Grid post.



Vitamin D and melanoma: new podcast

NICE asked Professor Julia Newton-Bishop to discuss why vitamin D was considered by the Clinical Melanoma Guideline and this is the link to her podcast