New GenoMEL paper

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute has published a new GenoMEL paper examining the role of chromosomal telomere length in melanoma. The research involved creating a score representing genetically determined telomere length, based on all the established telomere associated genes and found that this score correlated with melanoma risk.

In an associated press release author Dr Mark Iles summarised the research, “Telomeres have been described as being like the plastic tips on shoelaces that protect the shoelace from fraying, just as telomeres protect chromosomes from degrading or fusing to one another. For the first time, we have established that the genes controlling the length of these telomeres play a part in the risk of developing melanoma.”


Telomeres are akin to shoe lace caps (aglets)

2015 meeting


The last annual meeting was in Lund, Sweden in May 2015. At this meeting a new related training network was launched called MELGEN (see the MELGEN section of the web site). MELGEN is a Marie Curie training network funded by the EU Horizon 2020 in which 17 new PhD students will be trained across Europe.


2014 meeting

Over 60 researchers attended the joint GenoMEL/BioGenoMEL meeting in Valencia in May 2014. There were over 40 scientific presentations of world leading research with additional participation over the Internet. Such e-participation was trialled at this event and is likely to feature again in future meetings. Our thanks go to Dr. Eduardo Nagore and the Fundacion Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia for hosting the meeting.

IMG_0716 IMG_0709


Researchers at the 2014 meeting


Christmas Donation


As part of their annual Christmas message to clients, IRT sends a newsletter highlighting a worthy cause. This Christmas IRT highlighted skin cancer and their UK office choose to support GenoMEL. IRT is the leading international horse transport company with its global headquarters in Australia and so skin awareness is a particularly relevant issue. We are very grateful for their donation of £1,500.