Website privacy policy

A different sort of cookie* The GenoMEL website’s privacy policy has been updated to better explain our use of Google Analytics to monitor visitor numbers and usage. Google Analytics works by placing a ‘cookie’ on the user’s computer so that it can tell the difference between a first time visitor andRead More

New GenoMEL paper

A fourth paper has been published based on GenoMEL’s health psychology studies. It highlights the need for more effective communication of genetic test results. To find out more please visit the European Journal of Cancer website. Congratulations to all involved. info@genomel.orgRead More

New GenoMEL paper

GenoMEL’s latest paper is now available online. It reports further findings from GenoMEL’s health psychology questionnaires. To find the article please visit the website of the journal Archives of Dermatology.Read More

Annual GenoMEL meeting

The annual meeting is taking place in Leiden, the Netherlands 18-20 June. If you have any attendance queries please email info@genomel.orgRead More

Advances in the genetics of melanoma lecture

The leader of GenoMEL’s INSERM group, Dr. Florence Demenais, recently gave a lecture entitled, New advances in the genetics of melanoma: how can it contribute to personalized medicine? The lecture can be viewed online at the website. info@genomel.orgRead More

Skin Cancer Exposed

XploreHealth, a scientific ‘portal’ financed by the European Union, has produced a module concerning melanoma. The ‘Skin Cancer Exposed’ module features interviews with GenoMEL members and seeks to engage citizens, patients, schoolchildren and teachers. info@genomel.orgRead More