Lund Melanoma Study Group

Our group

Lund Melanoma Study Group

Group leaders

Håkan Olsson MD PHD

Christian Ingvar, MD PhD

Åke Borg MD PhD

The melanoma group in Lund is directed towards understanding the genetic and environmental epidemiology of susceptibility to melanoma and its tumour biology and prognosis.  The multidisciplinary group, that involves oncologists, surgeons, dermatologist, statistician, pathologists, and molecular biologist, has investigated among other things the role of constitutional factors (hair colour, eye colour, freckling, number of nevi), sun exposure, other sources of UV exposure (sunbeds) and genetic factors of melanoma. The Swedish founder mutation, ins 113 Arg, was first described by our group. Large case control and cohorts studies as well as biobanks of blood and tumour tissue makes a strong foundation for ongoing and future studies. Regurlarly this information is linked to data from population based registries such as Cancer Registry data and Cause of Death Registry data. A large number of families with familial/hereditary melanoma have been collected and special groups as patients with multiple tumours and ocular melanomas are the scope of present studies.

The names and e-mail addresses of group members with a description of their contribution

Principal researchers

Anna Måsbäck MD PhD

Kari Nielsen MD

Nils Jonsson MD PhD

Lotta Lundgren MD PhD

Johan Westerdahl MD PhD

Anna Bladström


Therese Sandberg

Lab technician

Göran Jönsson PhD

Research nurse

Anita Smith Casslen

Research secretary

Ingrid Mårtensson


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