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Group Leader

Nicholas Hayward PhD












E-mail: nick.hayward@qimr.edu.au

Web: http://www.qimrberghofer.edu.au/lab/oncogenomics/


Group Members

Dr Antonia Pritchard – Post-doctoral fellow
Dr Peter Johansson – Post-doctoral fellow
Ken Dutton-Regester – Post-doctoral fellow
Jane Palmer – Research nurse
Judith Symmons – Research nurse
Madeleine Howlie – Research nurse
Vaishnavi Nathan – Research technician


Melanoma research in the Oncogenomics Laboratory is centred on three closely related themes:

  • The identification of high penetrance germline mutations conferring susceptibility in families with multiple cases of melanoma.

To address this aim we have recruited >500 multiple-case melanoma families and have been systematically sequencing the exomes or genomes of affected family members to identify DNA variants that  segregate with melanoma in each family and hence which may play a role in predisposing carriers to melanoma.

  • The identification of low penetrance polymorphisms associated with increased risk of melanoma in the general population.

To address this aim we have recruited >1200 ‘sporadic’ melanoma cases (i.e. unselected for family history of melanoma) and have used genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify common DNA variants associated with melanoma susceptibility.

  • The characterization of somatic mutations and dysregulated gene expression patterns responsible for melanoma development.

To address this aim we have been conducting whole-genome sequencing of >500 melanomas of diverse histological subtypes and combining these data with analysis of gene expression (RNASeq and microarray) to identify mutations and altered gene regulation responsible for driving melanocytic neoplasia.


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