Knowledge Transfer

GenoMEL is an international research consortium working on the genetics of melanoma. At its core are most of the world’s leading melanoma genetics research centres. The consortium has incorporated many new complementary centres and disciplines as part of the Network of Excellence (NoE) programme. New members have been found in the diverse fields of molecular genetics, psycho-oncology, multi-media design and medical ethics.

Our NoE has not only generated research results, but also new ideas, concepts and tools. To capitalise on these diverse ‘products’ we have formulated a plan for using and disseminating Knowledge.

This Plan ties into the overarching University of Leeds strategy. GenoMEL and its members will benefit by maximising the outcome of their collaborative efforts.

The GenoMEL Plan for using and disseminating Knowledge is available for download fromĀ here.

We have also written a short case study of how to disseminate project results via the web. The case study is available here.