Membership of the Consortium is open to:

  • Not for profit scientific groups who have published original research on the genetics of familial melanoma and have access to melanoma-prone families

Membership requires:

  • Continued willingness to share early research data
  • Continued contribution of data to pooled data regardless of funding status
  • Observance of confidentiality within the Consortium
  • A structure that avoids recruitment of families by more than one research group

NoE activities

As part of our European Union NoE (Network of Excellence), we also have several commercial partners. These partners, or SMEs*, provide specialist skills and facilities to enhance our activities.

*Small to Medium sized Enterprises.

The Joint Advisory Group and the Scientific Advisory Board

GenoMEL also has members drawn from outside its research groups. These members come from a wide range of backgrounds and help GenoMEL to stay relevant, ethical and focussed.

The Joint Advisory Group (JAG) is composed of melanoma patients, members of the public, healthcare workers, ethicists and patient advocates. The JAG reviews research proposals and patient documentation and greatly assists GenoMEL in its communications with the wider world.

The Scientific Advisory Group (SAB) is composed of eminent international researchers who can give an independent opinion of GenoMEL’s research plans and overall direction. The SAB plays a key role in reviewing GenoMEL’s annual plan.